[Cheatsheet] VBA String Functions

Function What Does it do? Example Result Len(str) Returns the length of the string Len(“Hello”) 5 Ucase(str) Changes the string to upper case Ucase(“Hello”) HELLO Lcase(str) Changes the string to lower case Lcase(“Hello”) hello Left(str, num) Shorten the string from the left Left(“Hello”,3) Hel Right(str, num) Shorten the string from the right Right(“Hello”,3) llo Mid(str, … Continue reading “[Cheatsheet] VBA String Functions”

Basic Regular Expression Patterns for Beginners

This is super simplified, but it’s enough to get started with. I remember being confused by the gigantic tables with all the special clauses, so when you’re beginning keep it simple. Remember if you want to match a literal character you can just type it out, unless there’s a special character. Special characters have meanings … Continue reading “Basic Regular Expression Patterns for Beginners”